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New material industry development trend and investment hot spot analysis

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1. The information materials

Information materials is one of the most active areas of new materials, microelectronics materials in the next 10 ~ 15 years is still the most basic information materials, integrated circuit and semiconductor material with silicon as the main body, compound semiconductor materials and common development of a new generation of high temperature the semiconductor materials.Optoelectronic materials will become the fastest growing and most promising information materials, mainly concentrated in the laser materials, high-brightness light-emitting diodes, infrared detector, liquid crystal display materials, optical materials, and other fields.

In 2004, in \"national semiconductor lighting project\" plan, accelerates the development of semiconductor lighting industry in our country, the key technology breakthrough, blue power type LED chip light-emitting efficiency of 90 mw, in the international advanced level;Encapsulation type power white LED luminous efficiency of more than 30 lm/W, reached the international advanced level.Set up Shanghai, dalian, xiamen, nanchang four national semiconductor lighting industrial base, private capital investment of nearly 3.7 billion yuan, the period of the LED industry ushered in the rapid development of our country.

In 2004 our country introduced a prototype laser TV, reached the international advanced technology level.In the laser display DPL crystal materials research has made important achievements.For example, the growth of all solid state laser materials, after processing and coating technology, coating technology of high power optical element coating direct detection techniques, etc.

2. New energy materials

Is the core of the development of new energy and new energy materials, the development direction is to develop green secondary batteries (000591), hydrogen power, fuel cells, solar energy battery and the key to nuclear materials.The current research hot spot and the technological frontier including high hydrogen storage materials, polymer lithium ion battery materials, proton exchange membrane fuel cell materials, polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cell materials.

In 2004, our country to bring about significant improvements in high-performance lithium battery materials, greater development of the lithium battery industry, especially the development of lithium battery power battery have created favorable conditions, broke the situation of unify the whole country, Japan as the world's second production country.China's independent development of cobalt, nickel and manganese acid lithium costs only half as much as that of the cobalt acid lithium high temperature stability is also greatly improved, modified natural graphite anode materials have been developed and put into mass production.

In recent years, the solar cell development soon, crystal solar cell materials research has made important progress, its cost estimate 0.5 1 $/ pW.If the performance efficiency of 5%, prices will be more than amorphous silicon, have very strong market competition ability, is worth to pay close attention to become new type of solar cells.

3. Biomedical materials

As the biological technology, medicine, technology, information technology, manufacturing technology, nano technology and the rapid development of science and technology and interactive integration, new concept and new biomedical materials emerge in endlessly.Drug controlled release materials, tissue engineering materials, nano biological materials, biological activity material, interventional diagnosis and treatment of materials, biodegradable, and absorb the biological materials, such as new artificial organ, artificial blood represents the new development trend and direction.

In policy and program funded by national science and technology, biomedical materials has made great progress in our country, mainly concentrated in the bone repair materials, drug controlled release materials, materials, tissue engineering scaffold materials.Tissue engineering material is given priority to with bone materials research in our country, formed in sichuan, Shanghai, wuhan, Beijing, and other units on behalf of pattern.With antai technology (000969), some listed companies, such as FaErSheng intervention and study abroad returnees entrepreneurial activity, industrialization of interventional diagnosis and treatment materials and equipment in our country has made great progress.Domestic output value of 25-3 billion yuan, the domestic market share has larger ascension, of the blood vessels and cardiovascular interventional treatment products in the domestic market more than 70% and 50% respectively.

4. The nanometer material and technology

Nanometer material and technology development trend on the one hand is to carry out processing, nano electronics, medical and robots (300024), the future can form new leading industries in the field of basic research;On the one hand is to present information to modify and improve high-tech industries and traditional industries.

At present, the domestic large-scale industry mainly includes special nano carbon materials, nano material, nano composite materials, nano modified textiles and health care and other fields.The application of nanometer materials is still in its early stage, the main is to use the functional characteristics of nano material, upgrading of traditional products.In the textile industry, the function of nanometer materials modified fiber products appeared;Antibacterial antibacterial, infrared heat preservation, negative ion release, since cleaning and waterproof, flame retardant and antistatic products has entered the market;Nano coatings market share further.

In the field of the latest nanotechnology research, our country has made important breakthroughs, such as our country developed the high stability, erasable nano storage material, organic molecules save point size is 2 nanometers, storage density in 1013 bits/cm 2, 105 times that of traditional storage density;Innovation is put forward for the first time in international GaAsSb/InGaAs asymmetric double quantum well structure, obtained in experiment and room temperature is 1.3 micron shine nano materials developed for the first time in domestic good performance of 1.21 to 1.28 microns work side emitting laser at room temperature.

5. Superconducting material and technology

Superconducting material and technology is the development trend of continually seek higher temperature superconductor, realize the industrialization of high temperature superconductor technology in the field of energy, electricity, mobile communications, national defense applications.From the current international trend of application of high temperature superconducting industrialization, continuing to improve BSCCO strip (also known as the first generation of strip) at the same time, countries are trying to research and development on a flexible metal baseband coated with coating of YBCO thick film conductor (the second generation of high temperature superconducting strip).Bismuth system HTS wire has realized commercialization, industrialization of the main core technology is the United States, Japan, China, Germany and so on a few countries have.Bismuth in our country is a high temperature superconducting wire has realized industrialization, in the aspect of the application of superconducting material such as superconducting cables and superconducting filter made breakthrough progress.

In July 2004, the cloud of the electricity, superconducting cable co., LTD. Beijing 35 kv three-phase ac 33.5 m / 2 ka HTS cable system run successfully phuket substation netting in kunming, yunnan, marked the our country has already mastered the key technology of superconducting cable practical.This is the world's third set of parallel operation of the superconducting cable system, comprehensive performance is superior to the former two groups, with independent key technology in many aspects.

In March 2004, the superconducting filter system developed by tsinghua university (600050) in China unicom CDMA mobile communication base station on the field test has come to a successful conclusion.This is the first practical application of high temperature superconducting technology in mobile communication, the key technical indicators reached the international advanced level, be, the second country after the United States have such practical core technology in the world.

6. Chemical new materials

Chemical new material to the high-performance, multi-functional, refinement, low cost, production globalization, technology and equipments are innocuity, the direction of application of universal, perpetual innovation, competition and development.As catalyst technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, combinatorial chemistry, the development of technology, to enhance the technical personnel for the micro control ability in the field of chemical synthesis, the chemical synthesis of new materials, new products are more flexible, the accelerating speed and efficiency are greatly improved.Specificity and functional products increasingly become the fastest growing in the field of chemical new materials, research the most active areas.

Chemical new material because of the wide range, and the downstream application combining closely, thus become the active field of edge discipline.Such as the combination of nanotechnology and materials technology, biotechnology, medical technology and the combination of material technology, the combination of membrane materials and process control, and so on provides opportunities for the constantly emerging of the new subject.

7. High performance structural material

From the trend of the development of new materials in the world, steel and non-ferrous metal materials production has been to the short process, high efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, clean, high performance-based, muti_function change the direction of development;High performance structure ceramics in keeping the original under the premise of high temperature resistant, high strength to strength, easy forming direction;Polymer material to the material of the micro design, multi-layer structure regulation, integration, intelligent, multi-functional direction;Composites with high performance and low cost manufacturing technology for the development of a key, to the integration of material design - manufacturing - assessment, functional, intelligent direction.


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