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         Jiangxi dayou science&technology co., LTD., was founded in 2001, for the joint-stock private technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises in jiangxi province, jiangxi province first batch of science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises. Mainly engaged in r&d, production and marketing of amorphous nanocrystalline alloys. For the domestic amorphous nanocrystalline alloy soft magnetic core and various magnetic powder core production bases.


        The company is located in yichun economic and technological development zone (national level) in jiangxi province, two factories in south and north China. It has the main production equipment and production line of non-crystalline, nanocrystalline alloy materials and high performance magnetic core. The main products are: amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy strip soft magnetic core, iron, silicon, iron, silicon aluminum magnetic powder core, amorphous nanocrystalline alloy magnetic powder core and so on more than a dozen series, more than 100 varieties. It is widely used in computer, communication and other switching power and auto electronics, household electrical appliances, electric power and industrial automation, precision instrument and instrument.

        Company for the national fire plan, small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund, the national project of industrialization of high-tech achievements and a number of national key new product trial production plan of the implementation of the base. It has undertaken more than 20 national, provincial and new product development projects, and has identified four technological achievements as national leading level and one for international advanced level. All the technologies are developed independently and have more than 10 national patents. We have established cooperative relations with well-known domestic institutions, scientific research institutions and enterprises, and have strong technical development capability. In 2014, the ministry of science and technology of jiangxi province was approved by the ministry of science and technology.

        The company passed quality (ISO9001), the environment (ISO14001), occupational safety and health (OHSAS18001) three management system argumentation. Has been rated as magnetic materials industry "national customer satisfaction product quality and after-sales service satisfaction top ten enterprises", "Chinese core quality recognized top ten famous brand" and "outstanding high-tech enterprises in jiangxi province", "advanced private technology enterprises in jiangxi province", "jiangxi province information industry top ten units of technological innovation;" ", "jiangxi quality credit AAA enterprise" and other honorary titles.

        The company adheres to the integrity of the law, strives for real innovation, harmonious and win-win, with the industry colleague, with the general customers hand in hand to cooperate, the common development!

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